The South African DRS song is in three languages - Xhosa, Afrikaans Slang and English. It was shot in Masi, a Xhosa township, whre the - generally mixed race - kids who speak Afrikaans don't go so much. Earl had decided to mix them all up in the song. TG Tamara is unusual because she is a strong female MC. There aren't a lot of female rappers in SA, and attitudes to women can be way behind other nations. Strong women in Hip Hop are dope and we are totally committed to supporting them at DRS. 

"Masi" Township used to be called "Site Five" during apartheid. It was renamed "Masiphumele" which means "We Will Overcome". A strong name for a strong place. Here are the lyrics. Thanks to Vivian Esterhuyse for sorting these. 

TG Tamara Verse 3: ENGLISH Here comes the nightmare the one you always say to say it’s not fair- I’m right here - back to the plan this is my mic you better back off Cause’ where I’m at I’ll squash you like a cockroach Told you that I got nothing to prove love, nothing to lose love This is an alarm love you snooze you lose love I’m busy here I am the boss so you don’t come and play here (xhosa) Yes everybody knows I crush the microphone  Just like a bone I crush those too chop your head off and throw it up That’s why I’m so fly I’m so high, live this dream life this street life Going from this street lights to loyal to this game No fame in shame I keep coming like those we call like Slangkop productions what you say right? 


Mc Dan Verse 2: AFRIKAANS Picasso with paint, artist with chalk, copy from pictures I represent the whole of South Africa now Mandela’s dead But I heard 1 word was enough to keep my verse tough The first puff I took I felt so high I told the girls suck  I got the right to fight for my right, but what will I write? I might be going back to smoking paraffin strike me a light So sharp in the past tense girl what blade did you like He found a way to Rap these lyrics scared and gave it a fright. 

Catmeister’s Verse 1: XHOSA
What’s happening in site five? Young kids chase after trouble Even crazy ones make it alone for themselves  They leave their homes and go to the Cape Sooner or later they will shout out blood And I don’t know what is happening in my community But they are the one’s destroying it  Teenage pregnancy is not allowed in our world